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Improving your companies Mindset

Improving your companies mindset

Do you want to help your staff improve their mental wellbeing?

When we learn how to manage our minds, so many areas improve.

Staff become present in their job.
Time is managed effectively creating more productivity.
Relationships improve.
Conflict is reduced.
Stress levels are reduced.
Staff are more content.
The benefits are endless and not just in the work place but in private lives as well.

I'd love to offer you and your staff a free
' Introduction to Mind Management' presentation.

To find out more, please give me a call on 0777 997 2551 or ping a quick email to 

Why learn the skills of Mind Management?

When we learn the skills of Mind Management, we start to take full responsibility for ourselves.  When we take responsibility for ourselves, we no longer blame the other person or the situation for how we feel.  

You see, life gives us circumstances. Life gives us situations and events to deal with that we have absolutely no control over. It could be someone else’s behaviour, the weather, money, time, equipment going wrong or an illness. 

These events are all completely neutral until our brain gets involved…

Our brain will interpret these events and we’ll have thoughts about it. 

What we think will create an emotion in our body.  Good thoughts create good emotions, negative thoughts create negative emotions.

How we feel, drives all our actions, inactions, or reactions.

How we act, in-act or react will give us a result in our life. 

So, it is never the circumstance that makes us feel. It’s our thoughts about the circumstance.  

This is great news because if it’s not the situation making us feel, then we don’t need to change the situation to feel better.  We simply change our thoughts about it.

The quality of the relationships you have with your colleagues will depend on the quality of the thoughts you have about them.

How you spend your time will depend on how you manage your thoughts about time.

So you can see, that at all times, we are responsible for our experience of any given situation.  More great news because the only thing we can ever control is ourselves. 

The problem is most of us don’t even realise our own thoughts. We think we are just explaining the facts.  For example, “Isn’t the rain miserable”, this isn’t a fact, this is a thought.  The only fact here is that it’s raining.  The ‘miserable’ is our brains interpretation.

Another example, “They’re so rude”, the only fact is that there are people. The ‘rude’ is an interpretation.

Final example, “I don’t have enough time”. The only fact here is that there is time (24 hours a day). ‘I don’t have enough’ in an interpretation.  

So when we become aware of how we’re thinking, how those thoughts make us feel and how we act, in-act or react from those feelings, now we can get to work on changing how we feel.


That’s what I can help you with.

Don't take my word for it...

“I confess I was not overly excited by the prospect of 6 group sessions about Mind Management and was genuinely surprised by the benefit I thought they brought to the group

Nicky remained impartial throughout and challenged entrenched belief systems in a positive and non-threatening way

Nicky was able to encourage participation in areas that would normally be quite uncomfortable for people and do so in an open and secure environment that allowed the participants to open up and question what they thought about the principles of Mind Management and how they applied to the way in which they normally function

The materials were appropriate and well presented and the conviction with which Nicky presents is apparent throughout

I would recommend participation with an open mind and a willingness to listen, there is some great stuff here

All the very best with your journey”

 Jason, Delivery Director